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Lone Star HSC - James Prazak,
Waterways Utilizaton - JJ Plunkett,
Navigation/Operations - David Foret,
Dredging/Marine Construction - David Casebeer,
Maritime Education, Training & Outreach - Tammy Lobaugh,
Freeport - Ann Poninski,
Places of Safe Refuge - James Prazak,


Phone: 713-496-3690


The Places of Safe Refuge Subcommittee of the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee (LSHSC) is responsible for updating the Harbor of Safe Refuge Guide that was originally created by a HOGANSAC effort in the mid-2000's (the original guide can be found under the "Resources" tab on our website). The Harbor of Safe Refuge Guide was developed to address the issue of vessels that may seek safe refuge within the ports of Houston, Galveston, Texas City and Freeport. The collision incident involving the Carla Maersk and Conti Peridot in the early part of 2015 raised awareness that incidents can also occur within the port boundaries that can lead to the need for safe refuge. Incidents may lead to significant closures of the waterways, affecting the broader maritime industry, the local economy, and the economy of the entire nation, and an effective plan is needed that will not only minimize the economic impact, but also to help mitigate the safety, security and environmental aspects as well. The Places of Safe Refuge subcommittee is to expand upon the original guide to address these issues, also taking into account any newer guidance provided by national and international bodies.

Key objectives include:

To join this committee, please send your request to James Prazak, Chair.