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Lone Star HSC - James Prazak,
Waterways Utilizaton - JJ Plunkett,
Navigation/Operations - David Foret,
Dredging/Marine Construction - David Casebeer,
Maritime Education, Training & Outreach - Tammy Lobaugh,
Freeport - Ann Poninski,
Places of Safe Refuge - James Prazak,

Maritime Education, Training & Outreach

Chair: Amy Arrowood
Phone: (281) 998-6391

The Maritime Education, Training & Outreach Subcommittee focuses on addressing training of current industry members, training of future industry generations, and aiding the LSHSC in broadcasting its missions and presence.

To join this committee, please send your request to Amy Arrowood, Chair.

Important Documents

Meeting Agendas
2015-10-19 Agenda METO.pdf
2015-09-21 Agenda METO.docx
2014-06-24 - Agenda METO.docx
2014-05-27 Agenda METO.pdf
2014-04-22 Agenda.docx
2014-01-07 Agenda METO.docx
2013-11-18 Agenda METO.docx
2012-12-10 Agenda METO.pdf
Meeting Minutes & Attendance
2016-01-25 Minutes METO.pdf
2015-09-21 Minutes METO.pdf
2015-09-21 Attendance.jpg
2015-09-21 Agenda METO.docx
2014-06-24 Minutes METO.docx
2013-11-18 Minutes METO.docx
2013-11-18 Attendance METO.pdf
2013-11-18 Agenda and Minutes METO.pdf
2013-05-13 Minutes METO.pdf
2012-10-16 Agenda Minutes and Attendance METO.pdf
2012-09-18 Agenda Minutes and Attendance METO.pdf
2012-06-05 Agenda Minutes and Attendance METO.pdf
2012-04-24 Agenda Minutes and Attendance METO.pdf
Additional Documents
2014 Maritime Youth Career Camp.pdf
2015-OCT World Maritime Day Education and Training.pdf
2018 Adventures in Maritime Summer Camp Application.pdf
2018 June Shared Quarters Maritime Conference.pdf
2018 Maritime Venture Camp.docx
ALL Port Management Workshop FY 2018 Updated.docx
Meet a Mariner Day Invitation.docx