September 14, 2018


Freeport Committee Chair


The Freeport Subcommittee of the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee (LSHSC) is dedicated to maximizing safety, security and efficiency, while balancing the competing needs and uses of the waterways in and around the Port of Freeport. The committee will focus on improving the safety of operations and shall identify areas of concern. In turn, the committee will provide the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee with its recommendations and shared best practices. The subcommittee will meet at least quarterly, at times and locations determined by the subcommittee. The subcommittee will be chaired by an individual appointed by LSHSC. Attendance at the meeting will be open to the public. Minutes for each meeting will be kept and provided to the secretariat of LSHSC.

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LSHSC Freeport Subcommittee Goals:

  • Coordination between Freeport subcommittee, Nav Ops and Dredging.
  • Maintain and overview of USACE projects in the harbor.

Committee Documents

LSHSC Freeport Subcommittee-USACE Letter 20190103

Freeport new chart request

Waterway Guide for Freeport_Draft