September 14, 2018

Waterways Utilization

Waterways Utilization Committee Chair


The Waterways Utilization Subcommittee of the Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee (LSHSC) is dedicated to maximizing safety, security and efficiency, while balancing the competing needs and uses of the waterways in the LSHSC area of interest. Its efforts shall focus on supporting relevant regulations and recommendations associated with the safety of seafarers, vessels and the environment. Its intent is to identify and adopt cooperative best practices while promoting a culture of safety among constituent user groups. In doing so, the following fundamental principles will serve as a guide:

  • Improve safety, security and efficiency aboard vessels and the facilities these vessels call upon, without adversely impacting the commercial viability of the port complex or disadvantaging users or user groups.
  • Foster communication, cooperation and partnerships among Pilots, seafarers, vessel owners, charterers, terminal operators, vessel agents, the towing industry, governmental and non-governmental agencies, port authorities, and recreational users to maximize safety, security and efficiency on board vessels and in the waterways.
  • Nurture a safety culture that reflects utmost concern for lives, property and the environment.

Vision: The safest and most efficient port complex in the world.

Committee Documents

Below are the most recent committee documents. Older documents are available by request.

Meeting Agendas

WUSC_NOSC_DSC agenda- 0042319

WUSC Agenda 2019-01-29

Waterways Util. Agenda – 11/29/18

WUSC_NOSC_DSC_METO agenda- 092518

Meeting Minutes

Certificate of Compliance Working Group – Minutes – 2020-09-29

Other Committee Documents

Lamar BW-8 closure model update – 042718

HCTRA BW-8 sked update – 042718

LSHSC Waterways Utilization Committee Interest